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Váš ideální partner pro dodávky materiálů a kompletních strojních zařízení v oblasti energetiky a petrochemie včetně konstrukčního zpracování, dílenské předmontáže, specifikace a dodávky rychle

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Manufacture and Repairs of Machinery, Breakdown Emergency Service

Manufacture and Repairs of Machinery, Breakdown Emergency Service
Our Company mainly focuses on supplying technological equipment and shop-preassembled components for the energy and petrochemical industries, in both pressurized and non-pressurized parameters. We provide comprehensive services, from the preparation of project documentation to installation on site, including the revival of equipment and warranty and post warranty service.

This involves mainly the following activities:

    • Preparation of manufacturing documentation at the level of Basic Design, Detail Design, including thermal and strength calculations and balances and NOBO approval
    • Manufacture and supply of sub-components, such as parts of boiler rooms, engine rooms and petrochemical apparatuses, including piping systems, mounting, and auxiliary and service structures
    • Performance of required tests
    • Issuance of complete attestation documentation, including declaration of conformity, preparation of As Built documentation on the actual condition of the delivered work
    • Assembly of  the equipment installation site
    • Revival of equipment and its commissioning
    • Warranty and post-warranty service

In the case of supplies according to a design prepared by us, we proceed in full accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic and the European Union, especially with Act No. 22/1997 Coll., and through Government Directive No. 26/2003 Coll. the so-called Directive PED97/23/EU.
We are able to realize the design and production according to EN, CSN, VGB and other standards based on the requirements of the customer.
NOBO Verification and scrutiny is a matter of course.


Main Criteria for Ensuring Quality:

    • Production is carried out only by certified and approved manufacturers, holders of all necessary authorizations
    • Classification of the product into the correct category and module pursuant to PED 23/97/EU
    • Design, production, and testing under NOBO supervision, if the product falls into relevant category
    • Preparation of a detailed plan of quality control and its approval
    • Production and testing are in conformity with the required standards
    • Using only approved documentation
    • Permanent identification of all components parts during all production processes
    • Professional welding and ND staff with valid certification in accordance with relevant standards


Breakdown Emergency Service
Our Company has a team of qualified technical and assembly workers that quickly provide the necessary services in the event of machinery breakdown emergency situations at energy and petrochemical plants, consisting of an immediate availability at the breakdown emergency site, evaluation of the status and the proposal of a solution for removing the malfunction, the realization of repair assembly work, including the supply of any replacement parts for the damaged machinery. All these workers have appropriate qualifications and certification for the realization of such activities on designated equipment.