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Our Company is ready to offer a machined product from forgings, rolled bars, and other semi-finished products. Thanks to a wide spectrum of machinery (lathes, milling machines, NC centers and others), we are able to provide almost any desired shape and size in the shortest possible time.
We provide machining on both supplied semi-finished products and, for the most part, on our own - see Forgings section.
We supply products that are machined so-called “rough” as well as those machined to precise final shapes.

We focus mainly on the following types of products:

  • T-pieces, Y-pieces, reductions, bottoms, couplings, nozzles, thermowells and the like
  • Flanges of all types
  • Machining of forged and rolled pipes
  • Tube plates
  • Other parts according to the requirements of the customer

Main Criteria for Ensuring the Quality of Products Being Delivered

  • Approved drawing documentation, including preparation of own documentation
  • Maintaining traceability of the product in the course of all operations
  • Final scrutineering, including the issuance of the relevant protocols and certifications that include  labeling checking

Additional Tests on Machined Parts According to the Requirements of the Customer

  • MT/PT surface inspection
  • MT/PT inspection of weld edges
  • UT inspection
  • Ensuring of scrutineering NOBO
  • Inspection for material substitution
  • Hardness Measurement
  • Micro/Macro etchings
  • Other specific inspections according to the requirements of the customer