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Váš ideální partner pro dodávky materiálů a kompletních strojních zařízení v oblasti energetiky a petrochemie včetně konstrukčního zpracování, dílenské předmontáže, specifikace a dodávky rychle

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Special Materials

Special Materials for the Field of Energy, Petrochemical and Other Industries

  • Special austenitic surfaces and sprayings for increased corrosion resistance in chemical and petrochemical apparatuses – the realization of deliveries, including basic semi-finished materials (tube plates, nozzles, pipes, flanges, etc.), proposal of cost-effective and technically adequate method of performing the austenitic surface or spraying, its implementation and the evaluation of its quality by non-destructive testing
  • Special high-manganese non-magnetic steel for manufacturing connecting rods – we secure both the supply of semi-finished products – according to the order and specific requirements of the customer, as well as the supply final products – nuts and washers
  • Special atypical ejectors and nozzles, including terminals, for high pressure and low pressure media – we ensure their entire realization, from our own design documentation, to approval of the documentation within applicable legislation, manufacture and delivery, including  the required tests and certifications
  • Cutting knives for the field of agricultural raw materials processing, primarily sugar beet – we ensure the realization of the manufacture of special knives, from the design of an appropriate material, to securing the complete manufacturing technology and repeated serial delivery, including ongoing inspection and monitoring of the quality of the parts being supplied